Author Biographies

Stacy Corneau is a public relations student currently enrolled at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada. She enjoys writing, reading a variety of published works, and has travelled since she was a child. Stacy had her own blog for five years and is knowledgeable in writing specifically for that medium. She is also familiar with promoting blogs through social media, and is skilled in Photoshop. Furthermore, she has also done freelance writing and is very adept in editing and researching.

Émilie Brenning is currently studying public relations at Algonquin College and works part-time at a market research firm.  She has experience working in the customer service industry as a sales representative, hostess, and bartender.  She has a diverse skillset in social media, event planning, and customer service. She is also knowledgeable in programs such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Photoshop.  Émilie is also bilingual, sociable, outgoing, charismatic, and loves public speaking.

Marie-Claude Latour is currently enrolled in the public relations program at Algonquin College. She has travelled to all 10 Canadian provinces and three territories as a flight attendant for Air Canada. She has also travelled extensively within the Caribbean and Central America, as well as to several other countries including Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. She speaks French, English, and Spanish fluently, and this ability has assisted her significantly in her job when communicating with international passengers. She has lived in cities around the world, providing her with personal experiences with different cultures. During her travels, Marie-Claude has gained exposure to all-inclusive resorts as well as to the culture and customs of the local populations.

Marc Viau is in his first semester as a full-time public relations student at Algonquin College, and currently serves as president of Canada’s New Democratic Party for the federal riding of Ottawa-Orleans. He has a passion for public speaking and social media, and is a seasoned team leader with several years of managerial and supervisory experience under his belt. He is an outgoing, charismatic individual who never shies away from a challenge, and works best in an ever-changing, fast-paced environment where there is plenty of room for continued learning and growth. Marc has a wealth of WordPress, graphic design, and search engine optimization experience, which he will use to his advantage as webmaster and information architect for this blog.

Tristan Hodgins has enjoyed travelling across Ontario and Quebec with her family and friends from a young age. During her teenage years, she spent a few weeks travelling through London, England and Paris, France while exploring traditional tourist locations and other, lesser known areas. Although her knowledge of traveling is more focused on central Ontario and Quebec, her connections with travel enthusiasts has given her a wealth of knowledge on travel. By connecting with others who travel frequently, she was able to hear about a wide range of experiences on travelling from luxury vacations to travelling to remote areas around the world. Her real-life travel stories help bring new knowledge and insights right to readers before their journey even begins.

James Birchall was born and raised in Ottawa. After working as a manager at Sephora for three years, James decided to further his education at Algonquin College in the public relations program. He has worked in many different fields from retail to healthcare. James has a love for working with people and has great social skills.  James enjoys learning and trying new things, as well as reading and traveling.


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